Glasgow ranks above St. Andrews in QS World University Rankings

We finished 69th overall and 11th in the UK!!

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The World Rankings have spoken and if this is anything like the world rankings in football, then we really have no need to be excited.

HOWEVER, the saving grace is that this seems a lot more professional than FIFA's world rankings and actually makes some sense. Universities across the globe have been judged on six categories: academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty student, citations per faculty, international faculty and international students.

This year Glasgow have raced ahead of posh rivals St Andrews to place 69th best uni in the world, and 11th best in the UK.

Will Boyd Orr host the 2026 World Cup final? At this rate, it looks likely.

Getting the worst of Glasgow out of the way first, we have to turn our attention to the student faculty score of 60.7, which is ranked 250th in the world. Adding insult to injury is the 'citations per faculty' score of 57.2, the 180th highest in the world.

Taking a look at our respectable scores of 94.3 for international faculty and 59.6 employer reputation place us at 134th and 127th in those categories respectively. With a strong academic reputation score of 70.4, we rank 80th in the world – and an international students score of 96.7 puts us 68th in that leaderboard.

So firstly, thank you to the international students out there who have saved Glasgow from failure on the world stage. Secondly, with an overall world rank of 69th and a UK rank of 11th, Glasgow is truly showing its colours on the world stage.