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Glasgow’s BNOC of the Year 2018: Round Two

The competition is heating up

Round one showcased some of Glasgow's biggest BNOCs, but the winner has not been crowned just yet.

Round two is here with more of the biggest names and famous faces around campus. There can only be one winner – make sure to cast your vote in the poll below.

Michael, second year, Accounting & Finance

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According to his friends, "you cant get anymore GU wank than this fine boy."

Michael attends Hive every Thursday, has been at every Monday Night Heat since the start of time and never seems to spend time away from Billiards or Beer Bar. Michael lived in Chile and the Netherlands and makes sure that everyone he meets knows about it.

Molly, second year, Neuroscience

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Molly's pals say: "If you meet someone for the first time, chances are Molly will be a mutual friend."

If Molly pops out of the flat for five minutes, you won’t see her for another couple of days and she’ll have made 20 new friends and left a trail of broken hearts along the way. True fact: she once didn’t come home after a night out for five days…

Sam, postgrad, Law

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Sam only arrived at Glasgow Uni at the start of this year, but boy has he made an impression. Sam is always keen for a night out and can be seen every Wednesday at Sanctuary with GUHC. Inside sources have revealed that Sam went out eight nights in a row when he first arrived at uni, and has ended up in A&E after nights out more than once.

Shereif, fourth year, Medicine

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who shot the sheriff?

GUSA, Medchir, SRC… you name it, Shereif has been on its committee. Shereif established himself as a BNOC in his first year by running his own club night at Viper.

He continues to defend this title to this day, winning the hearts of many in Glasgow by posting photos of his cat Kosta. Legend has it that Shereif can down a pint faster than anyone else at Glasgow Uni. If you don't believe it, come down to Beer Bar on Thursday night to see for yourself.