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Ciaran is Glasgow’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2018

The long awaited result is here

After a very tough competition and close final, we are extremely excited to crown Ciaran as Glasgow's Most Eligible Bachelor.

Ciaran has let us know how he feels about winning this prestigious competition, and what his celebrations will involve.

His plans to celebrate are "tie someone up in Mark McNally's bed". He says that winning this title feels how "I imagine it would if we could just have our six counties back".

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If Ciaran was to organise a date with Jodie, the crowned winner of Glasgow's Most Eligible Bachelorette, he would "probably take her into town".

He said: "I have a few things to get. New football boots, postcard for my Ma, and the boys were saying we could do with a new toaster. I hear she likes shopping".

Jodie is one lucky girl indeed if he does ask her on a date like that.

Thank you to all the boys who took part in this years competition but we have a winner who has done Glasgow proud.