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Glasgow’s Most Eligible Bachelor: The Final

The most important vote of all has finally arrived

Voting over the past few weeks has led up to this exciting moment! Vote for your favourite boy to crown him Glasgow's Most Eligible Bachelor 2018.

Euan, second year, Engineering

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Euan says that reaching the final feels "as good as the feeling of scissors sliding through wrapping paper."

He hopes that winning this competition would result in "more Tinder ammunition", and he'd celebrate by going to the library and study.

Ciaran, second year, IT Management for Business

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Ciaran says that he would put "20 on red for the boys" if he won the title of Glasgow's Most Eligible Bachelor. He feels "horned to the back teeth" to be in the final two and he hopes that The Tab books him and Jodie from the bachelorette series a five star hotel for the night if he wins.