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Breaking: Glasgow Uni library to shut Level 3 during exam time

The cafe is being renovated and we are being offered Strathy facilities instead

Sad news came out of Glasgow Uni today as the university revealed the library is going to be undergoing renovations during the exam season.

Not only this, but they will be shutting Level 3 and the cafe. Although this means that yes, the library will be looking super snazzy come September, it poses the question as to why they are shutting it now and instead of during the summer.

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The University confirmed the sad news last night….

Perhaps the most shocking information to come out of the university press release is that we will be allowed to use University of Strathclyde services whilst ours are out of bounds. Why on earth would we want to face the walk down to Strathy in the heat of exam season? Not only do we need to focus and need our own library, but they need their space too!

So not only will we not be able to enjoy the sweet release of comfort eating library cookies in the early hours of all-nighter revision seshes, but we will have to trek all the way to another university to revise for our exams – somebody needs to start a petition.

No more cookies to cope with exam stress 🙁

So with this grave news, which I'm so sorry that I had to reveal with you, I recommend that you start trying to source not only a new cookie supplier, but also a new study-space, because 'if there ain't no Level 3, there may as well be no library'.

Check the date… Happy April Fools.