The Union Kitchen will be doing post night out food on Hive Thursdays

727 cheesy chips will be a thing of the past

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Starting this Thursday, the Union Kitchen will be selling post night out food including cheesy chips, pizza, hot dogs and chips with curry sauce. No, this is not a wind up.

Running to barbeque kings following the mayhem that is trying to leave Hive on a Thursday will be a thing of the past. Now all you have to do is hop on up to the Union Kitchen for all your drunken food cravings to be fulfilled.

It's cheesy chips heaven

Food will be available from 11pm until 2am meaning that anyone wanting that all important post night out scran will have to abandon the dancefloor before Hive shuts.

The Union Kitchen is basically solving all of our student problems, with chips and cheese from the Union guaranteed to be cheaper than the rip-off prices of West End kebab shops.

So now you can save time and money by heading straight to the Union Kitchen for cheap scran without even having to go outside.