Meet the star bakers of Glasgow Uni’s baking society

Our very own GUBO

With the Great British Bake Off becoming so popular in recent years, we decided to see what our very own Glasgow Uni baking society was all about and whether it was anything like the bakes we see on our screens.

This months theme was around the world in 80 bakes!

So much scranny goodness

So much scranny goodness

The whole idea is that each person presents and explains what they've made, and then most importantly everyone EATS. The best part is that you can just pack up any leftovers and take them home to your starving flat mates – pretty much a guaranteed way to become the favourite flat mate.

Get in ma belly

Get in ma belly

Thea (vice president) and Emma (secretary) answered our most pressing questions about the society and their thoughts on the Great Glasgow Uni Bake Off:

Emma and Thea munching away

Emma and Thea munching away

Is your society for beginners, amateurs or any level bakers?

Thea:'Its for any ability! we have disasters and surprises, it's really for anyone who enjoys baking'

What are some baking themes you've had in the past?

Thea:'We had a healthy eating January – new year new you! We've also had halloween, thanksgiving and a pre-lent indulgence – yeah which actually made me sick I ate so much'

What's the best cake thats been made?

Emma:'Definitely Thea's pumpkin muffins'

Thea's secret recipe

Thea's secret recipe

What are your thoughts on this years GBBO so far?

Thea: 'Not a fan of Paul Hollywood's slime this year, and also Prue pisses me off'

Emma:'I do love Yan though, I'm yet to invite her to our baking society' 'Our president Ellen refuses to watch it'

Do you fancy Noel Fielding?

Emma:'Yes and I'm not ashamed to admit it'

Thea:'I mean I wouldn't say no'

What is your secret to brilliant baking?

Thea: 'I use my electric blanket for proofing dough, it genuinely works!'

What is the hardest cake to make?

Thea: 'definitely a Souffle'

Emma: 'this weeks ginger cake – as you can see'

Emmas ginger cake with a suspicious icing…

Emmas ginger cake with a suspicious icing…

What is the weirdest cake that's been made?

Emma:'my sweet potato and chocolate cake – it was for the healthy eating theme'

Any upcoming socials/events?

Thea: 'We plan on having an afternoon tea, a cake crawl, and a bake off screening for the final – so come along!'

Anything else you'd like to add?


If this interview didn't make you want to join the baking society we're not sure what will.

Head on down to the debates chamber every month, whether you're domestically inclined or just love cake. Baking samplers are considered highly valued members of the society too!