Glasgow uni’s best dressed freshers

All of you be looking FRESH af


Since taking a long vaycay over summer it almost seems impossible to get back into uni life. With that being said, many of you are sporting the preppy look down to a T. We’ve seen so much fashion talent out there during freshers week that we’re doing a part 1 and part 2 edition, so keep your eyes peeled! With London fashion week only just gone, it seems the tab isn’t the only one taking inspo from runway looks.

Keep up the good work! they say if you feel good, you do good. So really… looking fabulous will get you those A’s you so deserve.

Nicola, 1st year, Psychology

Fashion on a budget

Items: New look trousers and jacket, Primark t-shirt

Fave shops: H&M, River island for jeans

Mark, 1st year, Medicine

rocking the smart caj

Items: Asos trousers, Topman jacket

Fave shops: Calzedonia

Erin, postgrad, environmental statistics

statement skirt goals

Items: Office shoes, New look skirt, Zara jumper

Fave shops: Zara

Feenagh, 1st year, economics

comfort is key

Items: Gap jumper, H&M coat

Fave shops: Urban outfitters, Zara

Chris, 2nd year, Geography

we love a shearling coat

Items: Pull and bear jacket, Zara jeans and Asos top

Fave shops: Asos, Urban outfitters, charity shops (VINTAGE STORE ON GW!)

Thanks to all of you for looking so fabulous, watch out for part 2 featuring GUCFS!!