Stop what you’re doing: Come Dine With Me wants Glasgow participants

The best show on TV has launched an appeal for Glasgow people to apply

Come Dine With Me has made an appeal to contestants from Glasgow to take part in the cooking show.

It makes sense, really. We have great patter, we’re good looking and we’re excellent in the kitchen.

If you’re a skint Glasgow student who has often daydreamed about someone giving you a load of free money, this could be your ticket. With £1000 up for grabs for the winning contestant, the West End would be your oyster. Just think of all the cheeky VKs.

Forget burgers and show off your culinary talents

The show recently made their appeal via Facebook. Give it a go if you think you’ve got the charm, culinary skills and television appeal to dazzle your dinner guests. The show shoots between 10th and 14th July.

Evening Times:

A statement said: “We are coming to you. Apply for Come Dine With Me Now.”

Previous winner and Glasgow local Cat Ure reportedly applied for the show after seeing an advert online. She has recently gone on to set up Scotland’s first Cheese Club, and rumour has it a Buckfast variety of cheese is in the planning stages.

Just imagine where the fame could take you…