Glasgow is finally getting a CAT CAFÉ

Amazing mews for cat lovers

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For many students, the hardest part of leaving home wasn’t saying goodbye to family or friends, losing the luxury of your parents doing the laundry, or even actually having to pay for your own food – it was abandoning your furry feline friend.

You’ll get to chill with the felines

It would seem, then, the prayers of cat lovers have been answered in the form of the “Purrple Cat Café” set to open in Glasgow this July.

Finally, you won’t have to rely on your parents sending half-blurred photos of your cat with their thumbs blocking half the iPad camera, or FaceTiming the family while your cat looks blankly around the room while you desperately call their name.

Three cats are already settling in before the café opens in Merchant City, named Bear, Billy and Whisky. Four others which have been rescued are being cared for before joining them – Gabriel, Gilbert, Harry and Tilly.

For most cat lovers, this will be the desperate pick me up they needed to push them through the glumness of exam season without having our cats’ comforting purrs like we did for our Highers.

Roll on July.