Byres Road Waitrose to stop giving out free coffee

Your myWaitrose card means nothing to them

Anyone who’s survived uni thus far probably owes it to their Waitrose card and the free hot drinks that have come with it. That is, until now.

The cries of heartbroken, caffeine dependent students rang around campus today as the news broke that customers will soon have to make a purchase before collecting their free hot drink at the check out.

Staff members received an email just this morning spreading word that the restrictions will come into play from the 3rd April.

Say what?

The myWaitrose card has been freely available for all to enjoy and until now has guaranteed a free hot drink with every visit.

The new system has reportedly been under trial in other cities, with rumours of the oncoming desolation circulating amongst student in the UK since October.

With just 12 days before the clock runs out,  we’re anticipating an influx of emotional students crossing the Waitrose threshold in search of those last precious drops of free java.

Why would you shop anywhere else tho

We spoke to 4th year Sports Science students, Iain Craig and Kurtis Ashcroft, who live closeby the Byres Road store and are both myWaitrose card holders.

Frequent free coffee drinker Kurtis said “Literally the only reason why I was wanting to move flat nearby Waitrose next year was for my early morning wake up coffee.”

Flatmate Iain is also distraught: “This has put my degree in jeopardy, it’s a game changer.”

However, he points out that a single banana costs only 13p, so this could ease the devastation the new system is set to cause.

We at The Tab Glasgow will join West End students in mourning on the 3rd April as a happy era comes to an end.