Meet the Glasgow students who dress up as boobs around our campus

They’re raising awareness for Coppafeel

If you’ve not seen a couple of giant boobs floating about the Glasgow campus this semester, then you really must have been living under a rock.

The Uni Boob Team, a branch of the breast cancer charity Coppafeel, take it in turns to dress up as a pair of boobs to raise awareness of the importance of checking your boobs for signs of cancer.

The Tab Glasgow caught up with Hannah, President, Julia, Social Sec, and Anna, Fundraising Convenor, to see how it feels to dress up as boobs, what students’ reactions have been and how other people can get involved in the charity.

Hi guys! What have students’ reactions been to you dressing up as giant boobs?

Julia: Campus has been really welcoming and open. We’re new to Glasgow this year and the first year has been crazy. I’m definitely a lot less embarrassed dressing as a boob when I’m drunk and in Hive!

Hannah: I felt like a tit at the start! The first night we did it was on Halloween so it was a good introduction.

Julia: But it’s become easier throughout the year.

Anna: It’s definitely a good talking point and people love it for pictures. It’s all about spreading awareness via social media.

Julia: It’s really easy to make boob puns…

The Team in Hive

What’s been the highlight of the year for you guys as part of the charity?

Julia: Getting our name out there has been great, and the Hive nights have definitely been my favourite. Out of 14 Uni Boob Teams in the country we came number eight for fundraising and HQ even came up to film an advert with us for the national charity.

Hannah: The quiz we hosted in QMU was a good night, and our awareness stalls in the library have been a success, as well as our bucket collection on Buchanan Street. We also did a clothes drive for refugees, as well as teaming up with Give Blood and Macmillan, to establish inter-charity relations.  It’s also been amazing as Sam, a former UofG student, sadly had breast cancer when she was 31 but beat it and she now works with us.

Anna: We were also nominated for SRC’s Best New Society award which was an amazing achievement.

One of the many bake sales

How do you feel about being part of such a successful uni society? 

Hannah: We’re really proud, and the support we’ve had from the unions, the library, the SRC and other societies has been incredible.

Julia: We’ve worked really hard and it’s nice to see it pay off.

Anna: It’s nice realising how many nice people there are on campus – to say people are students people have been really generous when we’ve been raising money.

What’s in store for the Team next semester? 

Hannah: Coppafeel is quite London-based so we’re all about spreading awareness in Scotland. Our AGM is also tomorrow night and we need new people to carry on the legacy!

Julia: We’re in the process of making plans for next year. We also need volunteers to help at the Celtic vs. Kilmarnock game on the 8th of April.

The Team are making plans for next year

If you’d like to get involved with the society, give their Facebook page a like and go along to the AGM, in Adam Smith 711, tomorrow.