Some UoG students have made an ironic Instagram account for really average food

One of the pics is of a cup-a-soup

We’re all sick of seeing perfectly poached eggs and avocados strewn over our newsfeeds. It’s like if you go out to eat in Glasgow’s West End, you didn’t go if you didn’t Instagram it.

Some Glasgow students have decided to combat the foodstagram culture and have begun an Instagram showcasing really average looking food.

We’re talking cup a soups, scrambled eggs, and dry-looking ham sandwiches that don’t exactly look like they’ve been shot by someone with a half decent camera.

The account is called @just_your_average_scran and they claim to be “sick of seeing above average food on their newsfeeds”. The account is for “everyday food, eaten by everyday people, every day”.

The account so far only has 100 followers but we can see this taking off to be the next Instagram trend.