Glasgow Uni voted UK’s number ONE social media influencer

Looking like Hogwarts’ own Instagram, we’re not surprised

Glasgow University has won some pretty prestigious awards over the years and now we’ve been voted the UK’s number one most influential university on social media.

Rise Global presented us with a power score of 92.9, putting Glasgow in front of big shots like Oxford and UCL, proving that our media team are the social media gurus we all aspire to be.

Famous for their array of quick quips and sassy comebacks, perfect Instagram pictures and a well-updated Snapchat, Glasgow’s media team have all the flare of 60s hippie trousers with that extra sparkle. From Twitter to Snapchat, Glasgow Uni outshines all. Our days are often brightened by that blue little icon appearing on our screens often next to a lovely picture of the University tower.

This award comes with no trophy or prize but at least we can bask in the knowledge and pride that once again Glasgow is on top.