All you need to know about the GUU Elections

The only guide you need

It’s Election Week at the University of Glasgow and that means one thing: excessive Facebook posts.

Joking aside, with the influx of posters, flyers, hashtags and Snapchat filters plastered around the UofG, many of you are confused about what the various student body elections actually entail. We want students to be as informed and involved as possible, so we’ve broken down the whole process for GUU and summarised candidates for you so you know exactly who and what you’re voting for.

Across campus there are four main student bodies: The SRC (student representative council), GUSA (Glasgow University Sports Association), GUU (Glasgow University Union) and QMU (Queen Margaret Union). Whether or not you’re familiar with any of the above, they all contribute to catering for student needs and improving various areas of uni life. Each of these is almost entirely student run and elected annually by us, the students.

GUU voting takes place all day tomorrow


The GUU Hustings will take place on today at 7pm in the Debates Chamber. This is where candidates present their ideas and assert why they should win your vote. It’s a good opportunity to ask any questions and usually proves an entertaining night. Everyone is welcome so come along to watch and find out more.

You can vote any time between 9am and 7pm on Thursday in the Dining Room. In order to vote you must be a GUU member, although this just requires a two second visit to John in the Porter’s Box. Later in the evening, come and see the votes being counted, join the celebrations or drown your sorrows at the Hive after party.

There are various positions up for grabs this year. Beside each position are the hopeful students running for election, and their key manifesto points. This is just to give you a flavour for each candidate and you should see the candidates’ respective Facebook pages to read their full manifestos.

Freshers’ Helpers outside GUU


The GUU President oversees board meetings and helps organise Union events such as Freshers’ Week, Daft Friday, Oktoberfest, etc. There are also matters such as licencing, renovations and student discipline. Aslak Ringhus was elected unopposed to this position. He is a fourth year Law student, and his manifesto focuses on student welfare and mental health awareness, increased interaction between the Union and students, and to realise the full potential of the recent Hive extension.


The HonSec is responsible for organising Freshers’ Week and Daft Friday. It is also his or her responsibility to make Union events as inclusive to all students as possible. They are also concerned with discipline and welfare within the Union, and licence applications. This year there are two contenders, Ailsa Jones (second year, English Language and Psychology) and Craig Everett, (third year, Politics). Ailsa’s manifesto focuses on student welfare, sexual violence prevention, Saturday and monthly HIVE events, restructuring PR strategy and community feedback systems. Craig is concerned with revamping the catering services within the union, introducing free soft drinks on club nights, better informing students about membership benefits and student welfare. The Assistant Honorary Secretary will be Douglas Jack, who ran unopposed.


Convenors oversee and run their committees, which are Debates, Games, Libraries and Ents.

CONVENOR OF DEBATES will be Andrew Muir, who ran unopposed
CONVENOR OF GAMES will be Katie Knight, who ran unopposed.
CONVENOR OF LIBRARIES will be Lottie Van Grieken, who ran unopposed
CONVENOR OF ENTERTAINMENTS will be Connor Davidson, who ran unopposed.


PSMs can run for either one or two year positions, and work alongside the board to create and run events within the Union.

Candidates running for one year PSM positions are: Yael De La Cruz Balboa, Jenna Macfarlane, Francis Webb and Ellen Wilson. Candidates running for two year PSM positions are Skye Brettell, Samuel Brewer, Imogen Cross, Cameron Duck, Morgan Harrold, Euan Macvicar, David Terrence Nkansah and Eilidh Tippen. Their main manifesto points are summarised below.

One year

Yael De La Cruz Balboa (third year, Politics) aims to improve the existing points system for members and improve HIVE by reducing queues and lowering entrance costs.

Jenna Macfarlane (third year, English Language) wants to run more nights and events in the Debates Chamber, rejuvenate the G12 Café space and improve PR through a monthly newsletter, Instagram and Snapchat feed.

Francis Webb (second year, Physics and Maths) focuses on better engagement with first year and home students, and initiating more charitable work within the Union.

Ellen Wilson, (third year, Business and Management) aims to create in-Union catering facilities for after HIVE, improve mental health services, and expand on unique and one off events.

Two year

Skye Brettell’s manifesto focuses on affiliating GUU with more societies, increasing charitable involvement, providing housing support for members by introducing a “rate a landlord/ flat” system.

Eilidh Tippen (second year, History) wants to modernise GUU through online ticket sales, voting and membership, She’s also proposing a new club night and increased engagement with 1st year students.

Samuel Brewer (second year, Economics and Politics) is proposing a new monthly night where students can showcase talents, more involvement with university societies and increased involvement with local charities.

Imogen Cross (second year, History and Philosophy) wants to improve and promote student welfare, better inform students about sexual health, revitalize HIVE and refurbish the grassy knoll to realise the full potential of the GUU’s outdoor space.

Cameron Duck (second year, Politics) aims to promote use of GUU spaces during the day, bring back a reward system for affiliated societies, increase face to face engagement within the PR committee strategy and promote student sexual wellbeing.

Morgan Harrold (second year, Accounting) believes GUU could benefit from a new night which makes alternative use of the extension space (such as a comedy or bingo night), the development of a GUU app and a campaign to get students home safely after nights out.

Euan MacVicar (second year, History) focuses on the creation of an open decks night in the Well for aspiring student DJs, the refurbishment of the beer bar smoking area, the promotion of first year involvement and the creation of a new large scale November event.

David Terrance Nkansah (second year, Maths and Stats) has ideas to make a Freshers’ GUU handbook detailing committees and key events throughout year. He wants to introduce lanyard IDs for Board Members to make them more easily identifiable and approachable. He also wants to host open forum meetings for student feedback and run more daytime events in Union.


All the candidates will be campaigning tomorrow all over campus, so if you have any further questions just go and ask. Whoever you think is best for the job, come down to the GUU on Thursday third March to have your say.