‘The Avengers’ cast are heading to Cumbernauld. No, we’re not joking

Filming will commence just down from the local B&Q next week

Forget New York, Johannesburg, Seoul and Pinewood Studios: Marvel’s next Avengers blockbuster will be filming in the same place they made “Gregory’s Girl” – none other than Cumbernauld.

Many locals thought Cumbernauld would be the last place on Earth Iron Man would head, but it looks like they’ve been proven wrong as the Daily Record has revealed the cast will be arriving next week.

We already reported that parts of Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” were to be filmed in Glasgow, but now the exact shooting location has been confirmed as Cumbernauld’s Wardpark Studios, where “Outlander” was filmed.


It might not be much to look at from outside, but Wardpark is at the centre of a potentially major expansion that would make it a world class studio – a move that would plant Cumbernauld firmly on the cinematic map.

Wardpark Studios (Photograph: Cumbernauld Media)


Locals are bound to be hoping to spot the cast out in Paps on Saturday.

That’s what we’d call contributing to the local economy. We wonder if Samuel L Jackson will wander into Cumbernauld’s McDonalds, asking for a cheeky Quarter Pounder with Cheese.