Rajous gave us the best advice ever for girls on Valentine’s Day

The local shopkeeper legend had some truths to dish out

A whole two years ago, The Tab Glasgow asked the famous West End shopkeeper for advice on how to woo.

Now, we’ve interviewed the local legend again for some updated advice for girls on Valentine’s Day.

It’s all about girl power

Where should the guy take the girl out?

I don’t believe in all that. The girl should go out in a group, dolled up, dressed to kill. It’s called girl power – mess up the boys’ heads!

What advice do you have for girls already in relationships this Valentine’s?

No flowers, or chocolates. Ask him to take you to a chick flick and see how much he cares about you. He needs to spend money in overpriced cinemas.

What presents do you recommend a girl getting her boyfriend?

If he’s lucky he gets a kiss on the cheek. It’s all about woman power.

Where in the West End would you get a date to take you?

Hanoi Bike Shop. There’s an amazing and lovely vibe. It’s right beside Ashton Lane so you can go for cocktails after. It’s central and you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune.

What advice would you give to a girl who wants a boyfriend?

No man is worth pining over. If it’s going to happen, it’s gonna happen. There’s nothing to be needy about and there’s always somebody there for somebody.

What’s your favourite romantic film?

The Notebook is my all-time favourite movie. Makes me cry every time. It’s absolutely brilliant. Another good one is Sleepless in Seattle. Absolutely amazing.


We’re sure if you’re struggling in the love department tomorrow, you can visit the shop (next to Hive, for those who don’t know) for some uncontested advice.