Glasgow Uni’s best dressed

Here come the girls

As week five is well under way, the heat is cranking up and deadlines are getting a bit too close for comfort (back off, please). Dressing for the dreaded lib is always a bit of a hard decision. You want to be comfy enough to sit on your level of choice for a sustained amount of time, but also don’t want to look like you’re feeling the pressure and have stress-eaten your way through an entire level three vending machine. However, this hasn’t stopped you all from strutting up that Library Hill like you’re Kate Moss on the runway. It’s a small selection this week, but the fashion is strong.

Rebecca, third year, Psychology and Music

Model material

Zoe, fourth year, Engineering


Chrissie, Jodhi & Emily, fourth year, Law and Sophie, third year, Philosophy

Casual but cool

Amanda, first year, English Lit

Rocking that winter-chic

Ashleigh, second year, English Lit

January is the month of faux

Look out for next week’s best dressed. Boys, we’re counting on you to up your game.