An ode to the Glasgow library cookie

A moment of appreciation, please

At just one pound, the Glasgow Uni library cookie is the vice of the student body.

More addictive than drugs, the tantalising, chocolatey devils have been dragging students out of their wheelie chairs across various library levels and down the stairs to the library café for years.

The face when you finish your cookie

The infamous library cookie is available in a range of varieties from both the level three café and vending machines (if you’ve been driven past the point of facing human interaction by your studies).

Which flavour???

Double Belgian Chocolate Chip or White Chocolate and Raspberry is possibly the hardest choice you’ll make in your uni career – the latter flavour is a strong favourite, judging from an informal survey conducted between my flatmates.

Willing the queue to go down

If you’ve never tried one before, the pieces of heaven go perfectly with a calming cup of Earl Grey or a lib latté and do wonders to counteract those life-ruining exam time stress attacks. Get one for yourself, your pal, or your latest library crush. Library cookies speak the language of love and you never know where a small token like that left on the desk of the one you fancy might take you.

They’re also really healthy and obviously have no sugar or additives or anything.

Just look at it

Second-year Zoology student and avid Double Chocolate Chip fan Ailsa McMillan said: “They are the highlight of my trip to the library.”

Sorry if, like me, you’re gagging for a library cookie after reading this.