A railway art gallery is coming to Glasgow’s West End

Making the West End even cooler

Here’s one for all you art enthusiasts.

There are plans for an open air railway art gallery at Kelvindale Station in the West End, making our commutes around Glasgow that little bit more enlightening.

Kelvindale Station will be transformed

With the help of the Evening Times Streets Ahead grant, Helen Ntabeni is the mastermind behind the plan to create exhibitions which will spruce up our “drab, grey platforms”, pairing together local artists with the great masters of the art world.

She said: “It annoyed me – here we are, in what is actually a really lovely rural location, with the bridge above and the canal, visiting deer and herons and foxes, and beautiful woodlands with indigenous trees such as Scots pine and rowans – and yet the station was just all concrete and railings.”

Hopes are that the displayed artwork will lift people’s spirits and bring the wider community together by creating an interactive space for all.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already booking my ticket.