Meet the fourth years behind Glasgow Uni’s Kitten Heel Society

A unique idea

Our University has many clubs and societies but you perhaps haven’t heard about this one – welcome, Glasgow Uni’s Kitten Heel Society.

After seeing events on social media we at The Tab Glasgow really couldn’t contain our curiosity, so we decided to speak to Izzy McLaren, President, and Jake Curran-Pipe, Social Sec – both fourth years – about the society.


What exactly is the Kitten Heel Society?

Izzy: “Well, the kitten heel is irrationally hated. It’s a chance to wear them and not be judged.”

Jake: “If you feel oppressed, you can be empowered by the kitten heel.”

Why did you start up the society?

Izzy: “I was on the train home, and had an epiphany. I thought about starting the society and then we did it. It was founded in order to bring joy and a good time to people through these often dark moments in our world today. We now have 13 committee members.”


What does being a member of the society involve?

Izzy: “It’s free and you can come to our socials in kitten heels, but it’s mainly about socialising and having a great time. It’s a release from uni work. We host bake sales – we just had one to raise money for Women’s Aid. We also had a subcrawl this semester which had about 30 people there.”

Jake: “We don’t want to exclude boys so they can wear cuban heels to socials if they want.”

What have been people’s reactions?

Jake: “As soon as we became official, I realised the potential as people were so interested.”

Izzy: “On the subcrawl, locals wanted to hold the heels, and people were staring. People asked for pictures of us in Hive. We get recognised on Twitter but I’m surprised about the haters. We get a lot of hate Tweets but we just reply sweetly.”

How do you feel about being President of such a unique society?

” The Kitten Heel Society was founded in order to bring joy and a good time to people through these often dark moments in our world today #freethekitty ” – President Kitty

What can we look out for next semester?

Izzy: “We have a lot of upcoming events and hope to combine societies. People are even asking about t-shirts. #FreeTheKitty.”