Meet the GURFC boys who’ve completed Movember

They’ve raised £775 already but you can still donate

If you’ve been wondering why you’ve seen an array of bushy moustaches around campus lately, this is why.

Some of the Glasgow Uni Rugby boys have taken on the challenge of growing ‘tashes for The Movember Foundation – the only charity that tackles men’s health on a global scale, fighting issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health & suicide. Their current aim is to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25 per cent by the year 2030.

So far, the boys have raised a massive £775 towards the cause.

There have been 13 boys altogether helping to break the silence by growing the moustaches. The Tab Glasgow decided to gain insight into how successful the month has been for some of them.

Archie Winnington-Ingram


“Growing a moustache for charity is the perfect excuse to do so, despite the fact that this is clearly just a vanity project, it seems to be a justified one. People either get annoyed that I had a head start – having had a beard before – or they compliment it. Either way, it has the desired affect. Raising money for this charity is obviously important, but raising awareness about men’s health is the ultimate goal for me.”

Kyle Henderson

Kyle and Archie pulling it off

“Even though I look fairly ridiculous with a moustache, it’s great to be supporting such a worthwhile cause. Especially with there being such a stigma behind mental health issues, being able to raise any sort of awareness is a going to have a positive effect. Most people comment on it one way or another so that can only be a good thing I suppose.”

Nick Diston


“It’s a great feeling. It amazes me that something so small like growing facial hair for a month raises this much awareness into how big a problem mental health and testicular cancer in men really is. And each year more and more people are becoming aware. I just hope my (questionable) moustache may expand this awareness a little more. A lot of people have just stared, others mistake me for latino, but one person baffled me, saying “You look like a 70s pornstar”. I don’t know if this was a complement or not. But all in all the reactions have been positive.”

Darragh Meechan

Two-tone greatness

Louis Fields 

Miraculous moustache

“Growing a moustache for charity seems to be a stupid concept. However, in an age where moustaches aren’t the most popular form facial hair, it really attracts attention and you are able to continually tell people about the Movember charity and why you are doing this. The reaction’s been mixed – some people think it suits me and that I should keep it, some people can’t control themselves when they see me and laugh uncontrollably. Either way, it is raising awareness and that is the ultimate goal.”

Graham Wilson


“It’s fantastic to be able to make such a difference with something as simple as growing a moustache. With the growing issue of mental health and cancer among men, it’s good to be able to do my bit – no matter how big or small. The responses have been very varied, however, I am becoming more and more attached to it as the days go by.”

The other boys who took part are Matt Horsman, Fraser Waddell, Fraser Christie, Merlin Carnegie, George Axworthy, James Topping, Ryan Shaw and Duncan Murray-Uren.

If you’d still like to donate to the cause click here.