This personal trainer claims you can go out and still have a six pack

‘The Session Plan’ is a fitness plan tailored specifically to young people

Say goodbye to an unhealthy university lifestyle – this ex-Glasgow Uni student claims he can keep you fit even if you go out drinking three times a week.

Jamie Patterson is a 21-year-old personal trainer and has created “The Session Plan” – an innovative fitness plan tailored specifically to young people and their individual needs. The plan will target three areas – nutrition, fitness training and alcohol management – and the goal is for young people to feel and look fit while not adjusting their social lives.

Jamie will get you six-pack ready

Jamie will get you six-pack ready

Jamie wants people to be able to “bring a six-pack to the party” as well as a six-pack of lager and understand that they don’t have to cut out alcohol to be beach-body ready.

This sounds like many a student’s dream, and so The Tab Glasgow met up with Jamie to find out more.

Hi, Jamie. Why did you decide to drop out of uni?

“I studied Law for one year, and then studied English Lit and Lang for another but I knew from my first semester that I wanted to drop out. I had no passion and couldn’t see myself taking the degree anywhere.

“I ended up being really unhappy because I couldn’t find the time to party multiple times a week and also work out. I got really down and didn’t feel like myself so my mum and dad told me to just leave.”

Partying at uni

Partying at uni

What was the next step for you?

“I left uni and went travelling. When I came back I had no money, no job – I was in a dire situation. I didn’t want to tell my parents and I was applying for jobs but it wasn’t going anywhere. I just thought: What am I going to do?

“I’d always been into fitness and love reading and learning about it. I gave some of my pals some programs and taught them techniques and then decided to become a personal trainer.”

Why did you decide to start up The Session Plan?

“I had a group chat with my friends where they would send me before and after pics. In return, I made them all training programs to follow. It started to grow to friends of friends and there was about 25 people on it.

“That’s when I realised there was a gap in the market. There’s no fitness plans out there that are tailored for young people who party all the time.

“It’s mainly based on my own experience – having a party lifestyle while keeping fit at the same time, that’s where the idea came from. I’m teaching people to do what I do.”


Jamie’s idea is one-of-a-kind

What does The Session Plan include?

“It’s going to be a step-by-step fitness plan which allows young people to create their own plan which fits their party lifestyle.

“There will be three sections – nutrition, fitness training and alcohol management. I’ve done loads of alcohol research and know how to reverse the effects of a heavy night out. In the plan, there will be ways of massively reducing a hangover.

“As part of the alcohol management section, I’m working with a supplement company to create ‘The Session Plan Supplement’ – a supplement specifically designed to help people reclaim their morning after a big night of drinking. It will also be for sale through The Session Plan website.

“All the research is my own and I made the plan through my own trial and error.”

Before and after: but no lifestyle adjustment

Before and after: but no lifestyle adjustment

What would you like people to take away from The Session Plan?

“I want my clients to learn that nothing can stop you from being in good shape – not even alcohol. The Session Plan will be a learning curve that young people can take forward for life.

“If I could make people happier within themselves, that would be awesome.”

Anyone can follow Jamie’s Snapchat (sessionplanjam) and Instagram (@sessionplanjam) for nutrition tips, meal prep advice and to ask any personal questions.

Jamie regularly updates his social media accounts with tips

Jamie regularly updates his social media accounts with tips

You can check out Jamie’s “The Session Plan” on Facebook.