University of Glasgow set to offer a Philosophy course inspired by Homer Simpson

The short course is expected to be oversubscribed

The University of Glasgow is adding a new opt in component to their Philosophy course.

The course costing £30 will see Homer Simpson studied alongside the Greek greats Aristotle and Socrates.

‘I know that I know nothing’ will take a whole new meaning when applied to the legendary cartoon character.

The reason for the new addition is primarily to get people excited about Philosophy by linking it to a cultural artefact of our very own era.

As Matt Groening, the creator of the much loved cartoon, studied Philosophy at University, it seems a fitting tribute.

While some find aspects of this topic absurd, one thing is clear, the course has created a frenzy on social media and has gone viral on many media outlets.

We have reached out to course convener John Donaldson for comment.

As a Philosophy student myself, I usually scoff at University courses advertising Pokemon GO and Batman Science.

So this latest news has left me quite stunned. While Homer Simpson is a notorious character to our generation, only time will tell whether he can give any genuine philosophical insight.

But who knows, maybe beer, doughnuts and pessimistic attitudes end up being the key to it all.

Or maybe as this couch gag suggests, Homer can give us the answer to our existentialist queries.