Glasgow Central Station axe human rights advertisement for being ‘too political’

Amnesty International are ‘saddened’ by the incident

Amnesty International were set to release their new Human Rights Act adverts today in train stations across Britain in cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and London.

However, at the last minute, Network Rail have axed the adverts for being “too political”, including the one which was supposed to be placed in Glasgow Central Station.

Glasgow Central

The campaign aims to promote the role of Amnesty within political events such as the Hillsborough inquest, peace in Northern Ireland and Gary McKinnon’s extradition to the US for hacking offences.

One of the advertisements

Amnesty’s mission is to protect and prevent individuals’ rights to freedom. They help with issues both within the UK and internationally.

The Tab Glasgow contacted Network Rail for comment. They said: “We first saw the adverts yesterday and on inspection they don’t meet our rules on political advertising. We aim to be fair and even-handed when deciding which adverts to accept in our stations and have a set of rules in place to ensure all advertising is treated equally.”

They would not disclose as to why the advertisements were “too political” or explain why the advertisements were allowed to run in Westminster Underground yet not Glasgow Central. They seem adamant to stand by their decision.

The Tab Glasgow has also contacted Network Rail Glasgow via Twitter and we are awaiting comment.

Amnesty are “saddened” by Network Rail’s decision. However, they will continue to advertise using “roadside billboards, airports and bus shelters”.

Click here for more information about the incident on Amnesty’s website.