Snow in Glasgow last night due to hell freezing over after Trump result

This is the only viable explanation

Forget science.

The only viable explanation for the premature snowfall in Glasgow last night can only be due to the result of the American election.

As Trump raced into the lead, the heavens opened up in what can only be a symbol of the hellish doom the world is now in.

It’s the first sprinkling of snow in Glasgow this winter and potentially the first of many icy evenings/days/months/years as Trump emerged victorious.

It was actually snowing…

Despite some students anxiously waiting in front of their TVs for the result, some were outside celebrating the first sightings of snow.


Unfortunately, we woke up to disappointment and heartbreak, not just due to the result but as the prospects of a snowy Glasgow melted overnight.

Whilst the forecast for the next few days isn’t showing any signs of more snow, our hopes and dreams of a white christmas could still potentially be in sight.