Daft Friday tickets have sold out already

The tickets sold out in just over 24 hours

Tickets for Daft Friday at the GUU have sold out already.


The tickets were on sale yesterday and today and tthere was unbelievably high demand, with some students queueing for up to THREE hours.

The queue yesterday

The queue yesterday

Third-year Harriet said: “We queued for three hours yesterday but it’ll be so worth it. Really excited as I’ve not been before.”

Yesterday, some students begged friends to bring them food to the queue as they had not anticipated how long it would take to get a ticket.


There were only 170 tickets left today and savvy students went down to the Union early to avoid disappointment.

The event is always incredibly popular and is dubbed as the best social event of the year at Glasgow.

This year marks the 108th time the event has run and the secret theme is yet to be revealed.

Daft Friday is black tie and a variety of events happened last year throughout the duration of the night including a casino, DJs, laser quest, a ceilidh and movies.