Confused gran writes post on Viper’s event wall instead of her granddaughter’s

What a cutie

All of our grandmothers struggle with technology.

But perhaps not as much as Alicia Steel who managed to post on West End club Viper’s event instead of her own granddaughter’s timeline.

Presumably Ms Steel had seen that her granddaughter, Kyra-Alison Steel, was attending the event hosted by Viper called “Monday Night Scream // 3 am”.

She then proceeded to write: “Enjoy the helloween [sic] night out Kyra Alison. Do you think you will make it till 3 am? Take care Ky lots of love from Nana”.

Go on, Nana!

Amused Facebookers started to like the public post, amassing over 280 reactions so far. Embarrassed Kyra-Alison commented “WHY”, followed by “Thanks tho Nana”.

To add to the hilarity, Viper’s Facebook account then replied saying “Yes Nana!”.

We wonder if Kyra-Alison will make it until three am? We have contacted her and are awaiting comment.