VOTE: Which Glasgow halls are the loosest?

Can anywhere beat Murano?

Glasgow is renowned for being one of the loosest cities in the UK when it comes to a night out.

But the big question is: which Glasgow Uni halls are the loosest?

A loose night in Murano

A loose night in Murano

Older students may say Murano, which has been widely regarded as the “party halls” for a number of years – but rumour has it that this year it’s not so loose.

Could it be Firhill, Murano’s close neighbour and party rival?

What about Queen Margaret – are these the dark horse halls taking over the first-year party scene?

Maybe it’s Wolfson – they’re far out but they’re full of vets which is bound to be loose, right?

And what about under-the-radar Cairncross and QM’s neighbour, Winton Drive?

Your halls need to defend or gain this well-respected title. Get voting for your loosest halls, or forever live it down.