Glasgow second-year flat broken into after house party

They stole laptops, purses and money while someone slept

A five-person flat next to Great Western Road was broken into after a party less than two weeks ago.

Flat pic

Eilidh and Louise were hosting their joint 19th birthday party when their flat was broken into after they’d left for club Bamboo in the centre of Glasgow.

Eilidh and flatmate Iona

Eilidh and flatmate Iona

Among the valuables stolen were four laptops, two purses, a North Face jacket, £100 in cash, Beats headphones and a bag to put it all in.

Three of the girls’ flatmates made sure everyone was out of the flat and made sure the door was locked before leaving.

Louise’s friend was asleep in the flat when the incident happened. When party goers came back from Bamboo, their flat door was slightly open and they soon realised that there had been a burglary. Eilidh arrived back to the flat a bit later when she was informed of the incident and the police were called.

The girls did well to put on a brave face

The girls did well to put on a brave face

Eilidh, a second-year History student at Glasgow said: “It was really scary at the time – the next night we were pretty freaked out at the fact someone random had been in our flat.

“We all got each other through it, and it’s taught us to be more careful with our valuables. We’re just so glad Louise’s friend [who was asleep] is ok. It’s just an awful thing to happen in your first flat with your friends but at the end of the day all material goods are replaceable.”

The day after the break-in the police arrived to take fingerprints on the surfaces where the laptops were and the front door.


Eilidh said: “They found a glove print on the door which is creepy and then we had to watch CCTV from a shop across the road but we didn’t see anything. The police then watched CCTV of the bar downstairs and spoke to all of our neighbours.

“These things happen a lot in student areas but the police were so so good.”