Glasgow third-year accidentally charged £60,000 for one portion of cheesy chips

Thankfully her card declined

Hannah, a third year Glasgow student, was accidentally charged £60,000 for a box of cheesy chips after a night out.

She was shocked when her card declined and left the shop, but on closer inspection of the receipt she discovered the potentially disastrous mistake.

Hannah was on a night out in Viper when she decided she couldn’t go home without the classic post-night out staple food.

After stumbling into Cafe India on Great Western Road, she tried to wangle a box of free chips to no avail. Then, when she was paying, her card declined and she was ushered out of the takeaway by her (very hungry) friends. It was only then that she realised the receipt read £60,000.


Hannah said: “I didn’t realise what I’d been charged until my friend pointed it out. Then we were all confused like what on earth costs sixty grand in a Glaswegian takeaway? Obviously we know it was an accident but it was hilarious. Thank God my card declined!”

Hannah and her friends then proceeded to go back to their west-end flat where Harriet was forced to eat cold pasta bake due to her pressing hunger. The history student said: “I really didn’t have another choice. When I got in I tried to make myself some toast but proceeded to burn it. It just wasn’t a successful night food-wise for me.”

To add to the hilarity, Hannah’s friends then realised that she’d set an alarm on her phone prompting her to “cancel Netflix”. Hannah said: “They just cracked up and said if I could afford £60,000 for one box of cheesy chips then why couldn’t I afford to continue with my Netflix subscription? They were laughing for hours.”



Eager for her chips and cheese after her awful pasta, Hannah then went back to Cafe India to double check she hadn’t in fact been charged sixty grand for one box of the snack. It turns out when they’d given her the card machine she’d managed to add her PIN on the end of the final sum. She then proceeded to try again to get free chips and cheese, also to no avail.

Poor Hannah.