This is what the Glasgow Library refurb looks like

Let’s be honest, it’s week one and you haven’t been yet

The last thing on your mind in the first week back is the library.

So far, uni has consisted of numerous nights out all blurred into one, a lot of junk food and a couple (at a push) lectures.

The lib was closed for what seemed like a century, and after months of work it’s finally ready. Knowing just how lazy you lot are, we decided we’d check out the improvements so you don’t have to. It’s looking pretty snazzy.


Level two seating


Bench study area


Comfy study zone


Study booths


Glass stairs leading down to level one


Level one study zone


Level one has more serious vibes than level two

Both levels have been greatly improved by numerous booths and group study areas and a very modern, up-to-date feel. Level two is very group-study orientated and similar to level three and level one is quieter as it is a single study area.

Hopefully the new areas will mean the library won’t be as hectic during exam and essay season – but we’ll have to wait and see.