Every reason why Glasgow deserves to be ranked one of the best universities in the world

We study at Hogwarts for God’s sake

Our university has been ranked within the top 75 universities in the world, and we can hardly say we’re surprised.

Sure, we’ve dropped one place since last year at number 63, but we’re 11th out of UK universities – only six places away from Edinburgh – which is a pretty solid achievement if you ask us.

Statistics, research and results aside, we’ll show you exactly why Glasgow has ranked so high for yet another year. Freshers, you have a lot to look forward to.

Harry Potter studied here

Ok, not really. But J.K. Rowling may as well have based her fictional Hogwarts on our university because it sure is magical. Its towering turrets, winding staircases and stunning architecture frequently sees it rank high as one of the prettiest campuses in the country. When you have an exam in the Bute Hall, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if Snape stepped in as one of the invigilators. Or, when you’re late for one of your lectures, a Nimbus 2000 appeared to help you on your way.

Where's my broomstick tho

Where’s my broomstick tho

There’s an inbuilt museum

No big deal or anything. And the Hunterian museum is the oldest museum in Scotland. You can see everything from dinosaur skeletons to Renaissance paintings and everything is just really bloody cool.

We have two student unions

Our uni is unique in having two student unions – Glasgow University Union and Queen Margaret Union. This means double the fun in freshers week and at events throughout the year. Both unions are completely different but just as essential to the uni.

We have more fun

We have more fun

The Beer Bar. ‘Nuff said

Following on from this, GUU is home to the legendary, the infamous and the renowned Beer Bar. It has an inbuilt jukebox taking your requests all night, serves cheap drinks (including the unique pint of fun – the best £4.95 you’ll ever spend) and is just generally home to some of the best nights you’ll have at uni. You might go there for a few ‘casual’ drinks and end up staying till close. That’s the beauty of the beer bar. You always bump into every man and his dug.

We’re home to HIVE

New last year, HIVE made a return as the GUU’s resident club. It’s massive, and although it’s painfully easy to lose all your friends, it’s a haven of cheap drinks, good music and generally great times. Oh, and it’s got a karaoke room. Heaven really is a place on Earth.

Party oan

Party oan

Our sports association is fantastic 

GUSA is totally student-run and organises so many events throughout the year. One they help to organise is the Glasgow Taxis Cup – the annual clash between Strathclyde, Caley and Glasgow Uni. They have a massive sports fayre in freshers’ week and there are so many different sports to choose from – from Ultimate Frisbee to classic Hockey, there’s something for everyone’s tastes.

The Stevie is unbelievable

AKA the on-campus leisure centre. It was refurbished this year and the new gym is phenomenal – two floors consisting of cardio machines and weights equipment, not to mention the dance studios where multiple classes take place throughout the day. They’re also FREE with a membership. Amazing, right? The swimming pool is every aquatic fanatic’s dream, complete with a state of the art sauna and steam room.

Find yourself in the Stevie

Find yourself in the Stevie

Our lib has twelve stories

Yep, you read right. That’s a lot of books. Practically as tall as the Chrysler Building. It’s a pain if you take the stairs all the way up, but the views from the top are totally worth it. And the bottom floors have just been refurbished.

Kelvingrove Park is a stone’s throw away

A lush, green expanse of nature-y goodness. It’s beautiful in all seasons and perfect for walking off a Beer Bar hangover.

We’re situated in the best part of Glasgow

Ah, the West End. Home to multiple bars, restaurants, night clubs, supermarkets, shops – everything you need for a good time. You’re never short of something to do, whether it be eating out on Ashton Lane or having a late-night stroll in the Botanic Gardens. The centre is also just a subway ride away.

Even a filter can't do this justice

Even a filter can’t do this justice

We’re one of the leading UK pioneers for research

Ok, we said we wouldn’t talk about research but it’s hard not to when your uni consistently pioneers breakthroughs in science. Most recently, one of our new professors has been awarded a grant to research the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Scientific pioneers, we are

Scientific pioneers, we are

…And people make Glasgow

It’s the city’s slogan but it’s completely true – people really do make Glasgow. Glaswegians are always referred to as some of the funniest, nicest people on the planet, and all the other people from different cultures and different places in the UK just add to the feeling of community and wellbeing. Cute.