Glasgow’s WiFi is down after cyber attack

Good luck revising today

University internet access has been affected by a suspected cyber attack.

Both campus WiFi and university sites have been affected by a distributed denial of service attack on JANET, the service which supports the university’s internet.

It comes at the worst possible time, with both exams and essay deadlines upon us.

The attack is affecting external access to university sites, and internal access to external sites.

It’s affecting both the library WiFi and certain places on campus, with MyGlasgow and Moodle both being affected too.


Denial of Service attacks attempt to knock the internet out of service. The most common way is to hit the network with huge amounts of traffic, thus causing it to exceed its capacity. This is why the service is both running slowly and largely unavailable.

Third year Claire said: ”It’s just really annoying because exam season is the worst time for this to happen. There is already a ton of pressure on us without having a lack of access to internet.”

Universities across the UK are also affected, with Edinburgh and Manchester both having problems among others.