Caley’s New York campus is two years old and it still doesn’t have any students

What a joke

Two years since Glasgow Caledonian became the first university in the UK to open a campus in New York, they still haven’t been able to recruit any students.

After a casual sum of £5.6m was spent on the project in 2013, Caley NYC Edition has come under fire for its failure to recruit a single student. We promise we’re not laughing. Much.

The new uni has promised to offer a wide range of postgraduate courses, including some from the GCU British School of Fashion.

Why not just stick to Scotland eh pal?

Why not just stick to Scotland eh pal?

However, the BBC discovered the institution’s application for a licence to teach and to award degrees to students has not yet been approved and their website says they are currently “only offering Executing Education courses…to employers on behalf of their employees”.

Despite the university arguing it has a long-term future in Manhattan, the project has been criticised as “a very expensive white elephant” and an example of a university “going far ahead of what they can deliver in reality” according to the Scottish Labour Party. And the Scottish Government has said they had not given any money towards the project or had any involvement in it.

Maybe Professor James Miller, the university’s deputy vice-chancellor, is now regretting saying the project was “a risk worth taking”.