Everything you need to know about clubbing in Glasgow

Not sure where to go? These are the best club nights in town

The new academic year sees the arrival of countless freshers. Each one of them is itching to cut loose, ignore their mothers advice and no doubt destroy their livers with a week of booze, sex and madness. If you can’t figure out where to go out though, this rundown will help you avoid any forgettable nights out.

Monday Night Heat – Viper


You’ll bump into everyone you know here

The West-End’s biggest student night: think rugby lads and hockey girls, freshers everywhere, jugs of dragon soups and bottles of wine. It gets absolutely rammed and is one of those magical places where you bump into every single person you’ve ever met, including that person in your seminar you’ve always wanted to pull.  

All in all, a great student night with a guaranteed BBQ Kings to finish the night. Who doesn’t love a greasy doner at the end of a big night?

Juicy Tuesdays – Kushion


Guys, you get stickers

Strict on clothing, but not its clientele, Kushion is one of those places where how you dress counts.  Its smoking area is one of the best in Glasgow, and the DJs play chart music Tuesday through to Saturday.  Plus, there’s discount entry for students on a Tuesday. For those wanting the glam life, Kushion is the place to be.

Subclub I am


Techno attire

The underground electronic scene is absolutely thriving at the moment and for techno fans there’s no better place than Subclub. Whether you love your techno thumping or prefer alternative electronic, this is the place to be. With the residents kicking off and good tunes all night, its hard not to be a part of Glasgow’s ever expanding scene. 

Lollipop Wednesdays

Glasgow’s best student gay night. “Polo” is all about having fun and Lollipop Wednesdays provides great tunes, endless dancing and just too much fun.

Firewater Thursdays


The vibe is very ‘Arctic Monkeys’

Firewater really is one of Glasgow’s hidden gems. The music is varied, and the 90p drinks mean the night doesn’t cost a fortune.  Plus, the club is laid out like a bar, so you can actually talk to the person you’re trying to pull, as opposed to just grinding.

Friday – Max’s Bar/ La Cheetah

Ending the week at a bar like Max’s is the start of a great night. The bar is always busy and is a great place to meet new people.

Feeling frisky after a few drinks? Head down to the basement La Cheetah, for some quality DJ’s playing the best in electronic music.

A small venue, but when it bounces there is nothing quite like it in the rest of Glasgow

Saturday – Garage

Even Mhairi Black’s a fan of Garage

It’s open 365 days a year. Garage is a brutally honest, pop-loving nightclub, and Saturday night is the best night here. If you want a relatively cheap night out, and want to sing shamelessly along to all the tunes with your pals, this is the one for you. 

Sunday – Bamboo


Three rooms but no escape from the photobomber

The only place to be on a Sunday night is Bamboo. With three rooms, the music actually has a bit of variety, though you would be mad to leave the RnB room. It’s well worth the monumental hangover on Monday morning.