Glasgow freshers to spend nearly 10 million in Freshers’ Week

It costs a lot to have this much fun

Freshers arriving at Glasgow uni this September can expect to spend roughly £400 by the end of freshers’ week.

With 25,000 freshers set to enrol at Glasgow this year, the total amount spent in the first week of uni is likely to reach nearly ten million pounds.

Want to know how we worked that out? Here’s a breakdown.



Maybe don’t splash out on first class…

Yes, in theory, Glasgow is one of the closest Scottish cities to the English border, however train fares can still be extortionate. With the average train fare costing £30 each way, it can really set you back and you haven’t even arrived in Glasgow yet.

However, when you think about it, you are travelling to another country, so in that respect your £60 return is pretty reasonable. Especially when compared to the couple of hundred quid international students will be forking out to make it over here. They’re absolute heroes.

Total estimate: £60


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Ready for class?

Freshers are expected to spend a fortune on textbooks and lecture equipment, and in some cases, this can add up to anything around £100.

It’s not just textbooks that you need to worry about. Folders, writing pads, pens and calculators are just a handful of things most newbies will need before classes begin.

Let us now have a moment of silence for all the textbooks and subject guides which will be bought by overly optimistic students, but won’t even be given a second glance during term time.

Its booking ridiculous.

Total estimate: £140

Freshers’ events


The best nights of your life

Everyone loves Freshers Week and the best way to get that party ball rolling is to attend the Freshers events. But with wristbands setting you back almost £50, along with any other events you end up attending, it can be one of the most expensive weeks of your life.

Paying for drinks on a night out can be soul destroying, especially when you want to save your pennies. But never fear, because the GUU and QMU sell a beautiful thing called a Pint of Fun, which is essentially 3 shots and a VK in one cup.

This concoction is (and always will be) your best option. At just a few quid per pint, your wallet won’t suffer too much and you only need a couple of these bad boys to send you over the edge and guarantee yourself a successful night.

Now, not only do we have to pay for the night out, but we often spend a fortune on travelling there too. With taxi companies left, right and centre, you never know whose going to be most reliable. Hampden and Network are popular choices, with cheap fares and friendly drivers. Avoid using black cabs at all costs. They’re often double the price and really take the piss. So if you want to stay out of your overdraft, stick to the private hire cabs.

Total estimate: £100

Food and other necessities


The typical fresher diet

On that magnificent day when your loan arrives, you may feel like you’ve got all the money in the world, but you’ll soon realise the weekly shop (or junk food extravaganza) can leave you with a hole in your wallet. By the end of first term, the clearance aisle will become your saviour and you’ll be fighting like rabid dogs over that last half price bog roll.

Don’t forget the food cravings after a heavy night out either. In our overly intoxicated states, we think it’s acceptable to spend £5.50 on a dodgy kebab and chips from the takeaway down the road. Which leaves our bank balance in the same condition as our emotions the morning after – empty.

Total estimate: £100

Overall total: £400

But never fear, the life of a peasant isn’t as bad as it sounds. Especially when you’ve had the time of your life in the meantime. Welcome tae Glasgae!