The most annoying things about Glasgow Uni

Kanken rucksacks are not on the list

Everyone has their own little pet hates, but when it comes to Glasgow uni there’s certain things that tend to grind everyone’s gears.

Slow walkers


There’s nothing more infuriating than being stuck behind a group of people walking at a snails pace down University Avenue.

Do these idiots have no sense of urgency?

You know shit’s getting real when 12pm is fast approaching, and some of us have seminars to get to halfway across campus.

The never ending line of parked cars along the pavement makes overtaking so much more difficult.

It gets to that awkward stage where you try to pick up the pace, but there’s just no gap for you to slot through, so you nearly end up stampeding the person walking in front of you.

Just because they have friends doesn’t mean they need to take up the whole fucking pavement.

Slow lifts


If you’re looking for the most tedious lift experience of your life, Glasgow uni library is the place to be.

What can only be described as a battered old box, the library lift probably puts you at more of an inconvenience than anything else.

It genuinely feels like you lose a few years of your life in that upright coffin, and it would probably take less time for you to walk to the ninth floor.

So don’t be a lazy shit, just use the stairs.

PR pisstakers


You know those PRs that loiter around outside the library and Fraser building?

Of course you do. That’s because they make it pretty much impossible for you to avoid them.

Now, like many students at Glasgow, we feel obliged to take their fliers.

But before we know it, swarms of them appear from nowhere and you have fliers coming at you left, right and centre.

If you try and avoid eye contact then maybe they’ll spare you.

Vending machine prices


This is Glasgow library for you.

You know there’s a problem when you almost have to take a loan out to buy a bar of chocolate. We’re students for gods sake, how do they expect us to pay for this shit when we can barely afford tesco’s everyday value bread?

This is theft in it’s sneakiest form.

Level 3 Library toilets


No, this is not a joke. This is genuinely the shit tip known as the Level 3 girls toilets.

Now ladies, I understand that the “time of the month” is never a pleasant experience, and it tends to leave us feeling, somewhat, pissed off with life.

But taking your anger out on the sanitary bins and abandoning your rubbish for everyone else to deal with is just not okay.

Sort it out, you filthy animals.

Library desk hoggers


I think I speak for everyone when I say this is one of the most annoying things about every university.

Not only are they taking up the last remaining computer, but they aren’t even using it.

These desk hogging bastards are usually gone for hours on end, while you trail through all nine levels of the library in search of somewhere to sit.

It makes you wish you’d just stayed at home doesn’t it?