Scumbags steal £3,800 from Maryhill Foodbank

‘My heart is truly broken’

An injured 10-year-old girl has been denied a holiday, and many left hungry after burglars stole nearly £4,000 from a Glasgow food bank. 

Julie Webster, who set up the food bank just two years ago after discovering how high the levels of poverty and hunger were in Maryhill, told the Daily Record: ”It’s like a dagger to the heart.

Praise for the foodbank

Praise for the foodbank

“I have had grown men in tears, volunteers sobbing their hearts out.

“But I have had every one of my volunteers through the door.”

Maryhill Food Bank had previously planned to give out new clothing to service users on Wednesday morning but now there is virtually nothing left to offer.

Julie added: “They took it all: boots, babygros. People will be coming in on Wednesday morning and there is nothing for them.”

foodbank 1

The foodbank started collecting for Chelsea’s holiday after she was injured in a car crash.

Thieves stole the money on the 1st February by coming in through the roof of the storage unit in Maryhill.

There was £3,000 in vouchers, and £800 in cash in a pink tin marked “Chelsea’s Fund Raiser”.

Julie added: ”The public had donated this money for Chelsea, for a holiday.

“How am I going to explain this to her?

“I have promised her that I will work night and day to get that money back.”

foodbank 3

The robbery was discovered after the foodbank’s volunteer driver arrived for work on the morning of the 1st February, and found the lights were on.

Julie and her team managed to give 14 families urgently-needed food, toiletries and other essential supplies, whilst clearing up the chaos at the foodbank.

Police have set up an investigation into the raid.