My box room is ruining my life

‘It’s like I’m a prisoner of war’

Is your room the cupboard under the stairs?

Lets face it, no one wants the box room of the flat, so when moving into a new place it’s every man for himself.

Usually the argument is settled by drawing straws or a good game of rock/paper/scissors – loser gets the box room, obviously.

These guys know what it’s like to lose.

Oh, and they’re not bitter at all.

Sarah, 19, Neuroscience


“Every so often I go a little insane. There’s no space for anything. All my shit is everywhere and I can’t escape it.

“Having a tiny room means you can hear even the smallest of noises, too. We’ve had a problem with mice in the past, so every rustle and bump I hear sends me over the edge.”

At least it’s mice and not your flatmates shagging.


And it doesn’t stop there, living in a basement flat definitely adds to the negative mood.

“During exam period I feel like I’m living in a dungeon, it’s like I’m a prisoner of war.”

 Fahwad, 20, Law


“It’s such a set back when I’m on the pull, I can never bring a girl back because both of us wouldn’t fit in my bed.

“Some people say a small bed would just make it more cosy. They’re wrong.

“Have you ever had a girl fall out of bed mid-sex? It wasn’t a high point in my life.”


Molly, 21, Visual Merchandising and Promotional Design


“There’s no space for anything, I basically lived in the living room because that’s where I had to keep all my stuff.

“I couldn’t even do my washing because there was no space for me to hang it, so I managed to collect my dirty laundry every week and take them with me whenever I visited home.”


It’s up to you whether or not the cheaper rent is worth a mice-filled, sexless year.