Engineer-ous: Third year turns ironing board into snazzy snowboard

He does engineering, of course

Though the most recent batch of snow has some of us moaning our heads off, one Engineering student made the most of the weather (and his brain) after realising he could finally put his ironing board to good use.

Quirky Jake Hanson successfully converted his ironing board into a snowboard and took to the slopes of Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park.

Jake and his board in his action

Jake and his board in his action

Jake told The Tab: ”I’m not in the slightest bit a snow boarder but I surf sometimes.

“I was riding this very loosely like a long board (which might be why it wasn’t working that well!)

“I had the idea because my friends were going sledging and I didn’t have a sledge, so I left with a baking tray.

“At the bottom of the stairs I spotted the ironing board which my neighbours were throwing out and I thought it looked a bit like a surf board.

“I duct taped an old shower curtain to give it a solid bottom.

probably thinking up his next invention

probably thinking up his next invention

”Afterwards I’d bent the legs a bit but it was destined for the scrap heap anyway; I was actually surprised by how well the board, curtain and duct tape all held up.

“I was there with the mountaineering club (which I’m not a member of) who were all there with actual skis having much more success. The baking tray was actually much better than the board.”