It’s beginning to look a lot like screw this

Everywhere you go

Snowmaggedon strikes again.

If you thought that the Baltic conditions of last week were but a distant nightmare, think again.

Although, we did make the most of all the white stuff whilst it lasted.

Keeping it classy

Keeping it classy

But, with a positively tropical eight degrees these past few days, I admit I had begun to slowly put the thermal leggings, jumpers and hipflask of whiskey to the back of my wardrobe.

I was a fool.

photo 1

My tears of surprise froze

Not only did this highly aggressive snow fall ruin my hair, it also greatly impacted my education due to the fact I felt like my toes were going to fall off throughout my lecture.

I was frozen and I’m not letting it go.

With the world’s media focussing on the distinctly underwhelming Storm Juno in America and the overreaction of the general population, I want to give you the real plight.

Forget Fifth Avenue, the struggle was most definitely real whilst walking up Kelvin Way.

Normally I only ever feel that sting of coldness when trying to chat guys up in Viper.