Mumps outbreak: Misery as 10 Glasgow Uni students infected

First meningitis, now this

Glasgow uni has been struck with a dastardly case of mumps as 10 students have been diagnosed with the inconsiderate infection.

An alert was issued by campus staff warning students of the signs and symptoms of the illness.

A university spokesman told STV: “There have been a small number of cases of students diagnosed with mumps at University of Glasgow.”

The outbreak comes just days after a larger outbreak across Lanarkshire with over 30 people showing mumps symptoms.

The spokesperson added: “It’s important to stay at home and rest while the virus runs its course and prevent it spreading.

“Mumps is a mild condition but if you think you have symptoms seek advice from your GP as soon as possible.”

Totaling 98, the number of cases of mumps in Scotland was three times greater in the first three weeks of January this year than the whole of January 2014.

Although the gender, age of students affected in Glasgow is not known the majority of those infected in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lanarkshire have been young adults.