Why does Glasgow library have no plug sockets?


We all know how frustrating it is to find a computer in the library; so surely bringing your laptop instead will solve all your problems.

The answer to that is no.

Faults Found 015

After hauling your laptop to the library for a productive revision session (bit optimistic I know), only to find your journey has been in vain.

There are no free plug sockets.

You circle the room a couple of times, living in hope. But with every unavailable plug socket you see, you die a little more inside.

You make your way up the building. With each level brings more sadness. Before you know it you’re on level nine, and you’re under possible risk of a heart attack.


It suddenly dawns on you that your entire journey to the West End is a waste of time. The devastation hits you like a train from Buchanan Street underground (which, ironically, you’ve just been sat on for the past 20 minutes to get here).

Okay, it’s fair enough if students are busy doing work in the library. But there’s always that one bastard sat on his laptop, hogging the last remaining plug socket and watching back-to-back episodes of anime cartoons and youtube videos. Now that really puts the cherry on the fucking cake.


I think I speak for everyone when I say that Glasgow uni’s lack of plug sockets is a form of abuse, and the torment must be stopped. We cannot live this way.

Or I guess we could just stay at home and watch Netflix all day – it’s a more convenient option.