Clubbers of the Week

You didn’t think we’d go easy just because it’s christmas did you?

This week seen a decline in you lot going out and getting smashed.

If only exams were easier hungover.

But we still managed to find a few belters.

Merry Christmas one and all.

Stunner of the Week:

Nice to see exams aren’t making everyone break out in hives


Hero of the Week:

Holy shit. What a trooper.


Runner Up:

Getting strangled, still smiling. Yolo.


DJs of the Week:

The Sopranos in Christmas jumpers. Nae messin’.


Photobomb of the Week:

Can’t beat a group photobomb. They’re none the wiser.


Most inappropriate photo of the Week:

No idea what is happening in this photo. Creepy as fuck.


Pout of the Week:

Donald Duck would be proud.


Runner up:

Put it away son.


Bellends of the Week:

Absolute spanners.


Tallest human of the Week:

Please say she is on stilts or on a raised platform or something. That’s just inconvenient.