I spent a week living off of the Morrisons savers range

And I lived to tell the cheese-filled tale

Inspired by Bristol’s bold Louis Patterson, and his week living off of the Sainsbury’s Basics range, I felt it would be apt to attempt the same.

Only I tried it with the Morrisons Savers range.


The white and yellow labels of delight went down a treat, becoming silver and gold in my heart by the end of the week.

The week’s shop came in at around £26, this including some luxuries, such as the savers £1.15 Brie, which was a key ingredient in many of the dishes I dined on.

As well as 4 cans of bitter for an amazing £1.


The cheese selection in the savers range was vast, but dubious.

The ‘grilling cheese’, that for some reason hadn’t earned the name of halloumi, tasted of well worn tyre. Michelin man rather than Michelin star.

But the wonderful mozzarella tasted splendid, and was in my favourite dish of the week – mozzarella and nacho salad.

An experiment, but one that paid off.


I added the crumbs from my savers nachos to my mozzarella salad, giving an extra crunch.

Along with these dishes I made chicken curry and spaghetti bolognese, barely noticing a difference in taste, but paying a fraction of the price.

The mince came to under £2 and lasted several meals

The mince came to under £2 and lasted several meals

The vodka was a different story however. Strong in taste, it managed to even overpower even the gargantuan amount of orange juice I poured into my glass.

Mind you, I really didn’t give a shit after a few glasses.


All in all it was money well spent, and I now feel I am a convert to the range.

Look out Ant and Dec, Morrisons have a new ambassador.

Long live Morrisons Savers; king of cheap food and booze.