Stylish third year blags VIP pass for EMAs

And you thought getting into Viper for free was an achievement

A Glasgow University student has been given exclusive backstage access to tonight’s MTV EMA show. 

Politics student Elvis Nonso went along to an audition to be an audience member for the event and left with VIP passes for him and his friends.

The sassy third year told us a bit about what went down:

“Basically there was an advertisement on the Glasgow University fashion website about these audition things.

“I went and saw these people dancing and doing these crazy moves and though oh my god what the fuck is that.

“And I was like I’m not doing this, it not on my level I can’t embarass myself.

“I was about to go but then I thought I would go and speak to the organisers and see if they had something else going on.

“And they said yeah you’re actually the kind of person we’re looking for.

“I said, the problem is I’m not going to dance I’m not going to embarass myself.

“Because people were literally dancing to Anaconda and all that shit.

Nailed it again

“He was like it’s alright, if you just say whatever you want on camera and that should be fine.

“So, I was just going to say ‘Hi my name’s Elvis’ but then I saw my friends and they wanted to go as well.

“Usually they just give people one ticket or two but we did a kind of dance.

“The guy said he wanted me to bring people like me so he gave my friends and I three VIP tickets each.

“So we’ve got red carpet entrance, all that backstage kind of thing.

“Yeah, so that’s the story.”

Most of the people who attended the auditions will just be audience members.

But Elvis and his friends have a different role.

“Supposedly, I need to be there at half 3 when we’ll be in the VIP lounge.

“And then when people start arriving we go out on the red carpet.

“Later on we get to go backstage and have selfies with all the celebrities.

“Then we’ll be ushered into the main auditorium where the awards are being held.”

Elvis has been in two of The Tab Glasgow’s campus style articles but when asked about his outfit for the event he’s nervous.

“I don’t know what to wear – I’m shitting myself.”