Success: Glasgow says no to fossil fuels

Campaigners convince the uni to go fossil fuel free

Our uni has become the first in the UK to sell of shares in fossil fuel companies.

The change comes after more than 1,300 students were involved in a campaign to stop the use of fossil fuels at the University.

The campaign included staged oil spills as well as rallies, the most recent being outside the busiest area of the University at peak time.

A spokesperson for the University, David Newall said the University recognises the “devastating impact” that climate change can have on the environment.

And the University have backed this statement by pulling £18million worth of investments and freezing any new investments into fossil fuel companies.

The need to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels was the main motivation for the campaign and it seems Glasgow’s students and governing bodies are on their way to making this possible.

Glasgow University will join 13 American Universities as well as a number of other insitutions who have promised to withdraw billions of pounds of investments from the fossil fuel industry.