Professors on porn

We know what you watched last summer…


Bored and horny wankers procrastibated on campus 15 times over the summer. 

Redtube porn site and naughty reading site Literotica were accessed by Glasgow Uni’s wifi networks over the summer.

And three guesses as to who was on campus over summer.

Records show the websites were accessed 15 times. That’s a lot more than most students have accessed the library site in their entire degree.

Redtube is one of the biggest free porn sites on the internet, and apparently not just a favourite among students.

On the opposite end of the scale, Literotica provides the “hottest in erotic fiction” for those who wore out their copy of “50 shades”.

And don’t forget, they did all of this whilst on campus. Awkward.

When your professors are having a quick look on their laptop before a lecture, it might not be “Plato’s Politics” open on the screen.