Now He’s Gone: Freshers’ volunteer finishes Basshunter’s set after DJ walks out

Looks like Basshunter was the supporting act on Saturday night…

A fourth year rescued a flop set from Swedish DJ Basshunter after he disappeared from the show 20 minutes in.

The famous DJ was due to play til 3am in the Glasgow Union on Saturday night, but only managed a couple of hits before making a sharp exit.

But All This good samaritan Ever Wanted was to make the crowd happy.

He has chosen to remain anonymous in order to give his volunteer team the credit they all deserve.

The Batman of GUU made his way to the DJ booth to finish the show – leaving students to joke that it was Basshunter who supported him. Hannah-Naomi Karim, a Freshers’ helper, said: “I’m so glad he could step up.

“Bless Basshunter for supporting him.”

Rowdy crowdy.

It’s unknown why the Swede decided to leave early, but the Glasgow student saved the day for the baffled freshers.

And the crowd eventually forgot Basshunter. Second year medic Emily Longstaffe said: “He had the guts to come out in front of a rowdy crowd of freshers that were still after five minutes attempting to get “one more tune” from Basshunter.

“And he actually succeeded in making everyone even rowdier.”

20 more minutes and his trousers would be round his knees

The packed room lapped up the student DJ’s set, allowing the Union officials and helpers to breathe a sigh of relief.

The crowd showed their appreciation with chants of “Better than Basshunter” producing more ecstatic cries than any rendition of “Now You’re Gone”.

Looks like the Batman of the Union is on the path of BNOC after this.

If anyone else has any dirt on Basshunter email [email protected].